Cultural integration

China to England school life


Their is a large distinction in custom between teachers in the two countries. Pupils from China will most likely be shocked at the lack of rigidity English boarding schools. Nevertheless, students may come to appreciate the added freedom. Interactions between students and teachers are much less formal and so could be argued to be more conducive to better learning.  Overall, the environment is much more relaxed which could be seen as a benefit or a drawback. Academics are taken less seriously, but pupils may enjoy themselves more and take the opportunity to diversify their interests.


Pupils will undoubtedly be surprised at the low workload in England. One quickly becomes accustomed to working significantly less and focusing more on extracurricular activities designed to broaden interests. The wealth of free time means students are free to pursue their interests to the fullest, whatever they may be.


Popular brands are similar between the two countries and consequently pupils generally wear the same things. Luckily, the huge price tags of certain brands mean that fakes are quite commonly traded. This means that Chinese students can go to fake markets to resell clothes to their English peers. It can be incredibly profitable should one wish and be able to do this.`

For school uniform, most schools have a blazer, slacks/skirt and tie. Some schools have a uniform where students are expected to wear navy/grey blazers and trousers. All schools have sports kits that vary by sport/season that must be purchased.  School uniforms can be expensive and all schools do have second hand clothing shops. Otherwise, if your school does not have a uniform, common places to get school clothing are Marks and Spencer, John Lewis or Uniqlo (for shirts). Dress shoes are important and must be comfortable as there is usually a lot of walking involved. Clarke’s is a common brand for students.


Being away from home for large periods of time can seem daunting. Nevertheless, pupils should take solace in the fact that there are high numbers of pupils in the same boat as them. Overseas boarders are common. We would argue that the boarding experience makes it much easier for international students to integrate themselves into their respective communities. Being constantly surrounded by teenagers your age means it is nearly impossible not to make friends. Furthermore, students should not worry at not having places to go on the weekend. Boarding culture is largely determined by the school; that being said, there are almost always lots of pupils who stay in school on the weekend, meaning students will never feel lonely.